Wedding planner

The wedding is the most beautiful phase of life and memories remains everlasting. However, it is always a stressful one for both the families of the bride and groom and when we are in you can sit back and relax because we create and design it to make it special. We handle everything while taking into consideration each detail to make your big day the special one.
We believe in communication, and we create a fusion of your ideas and our designs to make your special day perfect!

Why hire us?

We do not follow the same criteria for every client, but we customize our strategies according to you. We have a bunch of dedicated teams which strives to integrate your ideas with the trends for the perfect wedding.

We understand the importance of time; thus we deliver all the services in a specified time and under the budget assigned to us by you.

You can see the transparency in our work at every stage as all our opinions are unbiased because we consider your special day as ours.

All our designs are conceptualized, and we take care of everything from handing the book to managing the vendors to translate your dreams regarding your big day into a reality with a perfect blend of your tradition and latest trends.We work taking inspiration from your stories and life; thus you can see the reflection of your personality in the d├ęcor of your special day.

We keep in the loop and stay connected through mobile phones, updating every hook and cranny about the occasion.